Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Issues, Little Towns

Presidential politics builds big audiences for issues discussions. But presidential candidates regularly reply to national issues, while the people who vote deal with their own local and personal implications.

I live in St. Lawrence County, NY, and I am proud to call myself a centrist Democrat. The perception of the Democratic Party has changed in the past decades. The ideals have not changed, though. As the party has embraced more people, the ideals have grown and sometimes have put people inside the party at odds. In presidential election years, the media likes to point out blue states on the coasts with large urban populations voting for the Democratic contender, and red states in the middle of the country with large rural areas voting for the Republican candidate. These stereotypes focus purely on electors and too simply summarize a complex issue. I hope these writings bridge gaps between issues as they are seen in Washington, Albany, and St. Lawrence County.

Too often we cling to our colors, our labels, and our expectations. We remain stuck in the things that are not working because we are too afraid of relinquishing the power of our position. Hold fast to the core of what you hold dear, and, at times, allow the person you disagree with to work on a solution with you.

Some of the issues I plan on addressing are the state of the economy, especially the escalating oil prices, health care, the loss of population and jobs in St. Lawrence County, the "War on Terror," and taxation, with a specification on land tax issues.

At no time will I endorse any candidates with this blog. I hope that I can help voters decide.

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