Friday, May 30, 2008

Good for the Nation, but not good for NNY

When seeking the highest office in the land, you have to expect a primary. Many Democrats in NNY supported Senator Clinton as our own representative from New York. She has supported the region despite its red tint during her terms. Even as many people call for her withdrawal from the race, she still has strong support in NNY from people who understand that the primary process is still going (and people who remember when a convention actually meant something.) The Democrat's nominee will be stronger because of the chance to hone a message before the general election.

In the 118th Assembly district, a registered Democrat (though it won't be "official" until after this general election) is seeking a spot in a Democratic primary and must be given special dispensation from the Jefferson and St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee Chairs.

Sean Hennessey, JCDC Chair, stated, even before the petitioning period begins, that he supports Jefferson County candidate Addie Jenne Russell and would not approve Tim Currier's attempt for inclusion.

Mrs. Russell seems like a great candidate. I was completely impressed with her knowledge and ability to answer direct questions. I think, based on first impressions and second-hand knowledge, that she would be a very good, if not great Assemblywoman. This is not an indictment of her at all. That being said, I shouldn't (and neither should anyone else) have a singular say in this.

Isn't it a disservice to the 118th to unequivocally say no so early? You have no reason to say no other than that you can. I could understand it if Tim Currier couldn't garner support in Jefferson County during the petitioning process. That seems like evidence enough for the JCDC Chair to say for the best of the whole 118th and Jefferson County, I refuse to let Tim Currier on the line for a primary.

From what I hear, some in St. Lawrence County will see this move as disenfranchising. It will leave a bad taste in the collective mouths of many people in strong Democratic areas of the 118th where Tim Currier is known.


TF said...

Hi Bluedog.
The "Chairman decides" party rule was adopted a long time ago by the democratic party primarily to
head off last minute party switching by dissapointed candidates in the republican party.
Many times Chairmen grant an out of party authorization when there isn't a substantial candidate in their own party. That, of course, was not the case in this circumstance. Mrs. Russell is very substantial with a heavy resume. Tim Currier seems very pleased to endorse her.
I hope you feel the same.

TF said...

Oh, and I looking forward to Mr. Currier's next elective campaign.
For what its worth I expect he'll have big support from moi.

Anonymous said...

MS Russell may appear to be a good candidate, but she has squat for experiance, besides that of her short time in Jeff county legislature. Even then she was a follower not a leader

Dan Francis said...

Ted: Bluedog is correct in his rationale and so am I.

The county chairs should the let the process proceed (primary) - in Curry's case, the primary was not possible - he is/was not even DEM - but in my case, a whole different situation. I spoke to the committee for about 10 minutes before they endorsed Oot - and that meeting was NOT hailed as an endorsement meeting - I simply showed up said hi, basically and that was it.

I was blindsided and in most cases where there are two or more DEMS, the party lets the process go forward w/o endorsing officially until AFTER the primary.

DEM county chairs are not starting to act like GOP party chairs. That is unfortunate... the voters decide, isn't that our motto?

Kinda hard to let them decide when there is only one candidate on the ballot ... the USSR used to be that way, too!